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Shark Fishing

NL Boat Tours is the only boat tour agency in St. John’s, NL that offers shark fishing. There are several shark species found in waters off Newfoundland and Labrador. The blue shark is the most common and commercially valuable of these species, however other species such as the Mako, Greenland, Basking, Porbeagle, and Thresher sharks, have been assessed for their commercial significance in recent years.

Porbeagle Shark

Puffin & Bird Sightings

Puffins are migratory sea birds and spend most of their lives on their own at sea feeding, swimming, and going places. But in the spring and summer, puffins gather in colonies on coasts and islands of the North Atlantic ocean to breed. The puffins get all dressed up for the affair.

Newfoundland has one of the highest populations of bald eagles in northeastern North America, with an estimated population of about 300 to 600 eagle pairs in the province. The average size of a bald eagle is around 2.5 – 3 ft with a wingspan of 6 – 7.5 ft, weighing 9.5lbs. Many eagles nest in the hills outside Quidi Vidi and St. John’s Harbour.

NL Boat Tours
The Majestic Bald Eagle chasing prey in Freshwater Bay

Whale Watching

Newfoundland and Labrador have one of the world’s largest populations of humpback whales. They return each year to feed on capelin, squid, and krill along our coast. Between May and September, you can spot other mammals such as dolphins, orcas, and blue whales. Having an opportunity to see one of these mammals in its natural habitat is an exciting and awesome experience.

NL Boat Tours

Iceberg Viewing

Icebergs are best viewed in late May and early June along the coast of Newfoundland. The term “iceberg” refers to chunks of ice larger than 5 meters (16 feet) across. Icebergs come in all shapes and sizes. The majority of icebergs seen off Newfoundland and Labrador come from the glaciers of western Greenland. Although, some come from Canada’s Arctic.

Cod Fishing

Newfoundland and Labrador recreational cod fishery is open from July 3 to September 6 every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; we’ll take you out on the water and enjoy an adventure in a quest for cod.